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Hello there! My name is Zatanna Zatara. Mistress of Magic, Sorceress of Good, whatever you would like to call me. I am at your service!

M!A Status: None

Current Arc: The Struggling Magician

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//Zatanna Zatara RP Blog for DC Comics. Please read the rules. page to help understand a little about how I play her. Mun and Muse are both of age! All art is not mine unless it is in this tag. NSFW and Triggering posts and threads will be under cuts. Blogs I am currently on can be found here.

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no really love me
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My Zatanna commission from Lara Magarida  -  also on Tumblr

Kicking off Magic Monday

Final Night (1996)

someone love meeeeeeee

"remember that time you went one-on-one with grodd?"
"yeah, after you turned him into a basketball.”

black canary and zatanna: bloodspell


It’s Hard Out Here for a Bitch - Lady Heroes 179/∞

Zatanna Zatara

I’m not saying you can’t be anything you want to be. But the whole “superhero” thing is much more than just wearing a cape and getting famous.

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Send me a “*” if you’d ship our characters [romantically] together.

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sitting and watching characters that you’ve sunk your heart and soul, countless hours and days, emotions and energy, into, become nothing more than a distant memory because no matter how hard you try to get people to love like  tolerate them, but failing miserably and crying because you feel like you’re watching a best friend fade away and there’s nothing more you can do.

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